Newsletter June 2015

Annual Parish Council Meeting

Jennifer Worthington and Michelle Sidebottom were elected as Chair and Vice-Chair respectively at the Annual Parish Council meeting on 20 May 2015. As the four year term of office for all councillors expired on 7 May 2015 all councillors were required to seek re-election and Yvonne Butterworth, Michelle Sidebottom, Gillian Warrender and  Jennifer Worthington along with new Councillor David Chorlton were automatically elected. Marjorie Caygill and Neville Williams were co-opted  to the two remaining vacancies at the meeting .A full list of members of the council is given above. The next election will take place in 2021 to coincide with the election of DMBC Ward Councillors.

Update  on Conversion of Changing Rooms to a Meeting Room

Due to the cost of the work being slightly more than the budget provision a bid for the additional funding has been submitted to Derbyshire Environmental Trust and the outcome should be known in the next few weeks.

Update on the Provision of a Zebra Crossing on Doncaster Road

Following meetings and correspondence between the parish council and  Highway Officers, Doncaster Council has confirmed that funding has been set aside from Section 106 monies made available from the Woodlands Walk development to fund a zebra crossing on Doncaster Road. The location of the crossing will be decided once the new retail outlets on Quarry Lane are opened and a survey has been completed.  

Reporting of Concerns to Doncaster Council or the Police

Whilst the parish council is always available to listen to and initiate any action required in respect of concerns raised  by residents in most cases raising the matter directly with DMBC by ringing 01302 736000 can prompt a quicker  response particularly if a number of complaints are raised.

If a vehicle is causing an obstruction e.g. due to parking on a footpath or blocking an access this should be reported direct to the police by ringing 101 as this constitutes an offence and can result in legal action being taken.