Newsletter March 2016

Christmas Carol Singing

Thank you to all the residents who again attended the very enjoyable Christmas Carol Singing event at Kilham Hall on Wednesday 13 December 2015. A special thank you  to Mr Littlewood for again volunteering to play the organ and to St Wilfrid’s School for arranging the attendance of the Jubilate Choir.  The proceeds of the raffle were again donated to the Harry Matthews Bowel Transplant Fund.

2016/17 Annual Precept

After careful consideration the parish council determined that the annual precept from 1 April 2016 should be increased by an average of 1.37% per household to ensure sufficient reserves and to complete the conversion of the new parish meeting rooms.  The total revenue raised will be £31,250.

2016 Annual Parish Meeting Date

The Annual Parish Meeting which is a meeting for all electors within the parish to raise any matters for consideration by the parish council will be held on Wednesday 2 March 2016. The March parish council meeting will follow the Parish Meeting.

Provision of a Zebra Crossing

Discussions are still ongoing regarding a zebra crossing for Doncaster Road, Branton and it is hoped some positive news will be available in the near future.

Mud Deposits on the Public Highway

Concerns have been raised following several incidents of large amounts of mud being left on the areas roads by contractors. Residents are asked to ring DMBC on 736000 or report the matter either on the DMBC website or on the ‘My Doncaster’ ap. DMBC will then arrange to remove the deposits.     

Yorkshire Wildlife Park Issues

Residents from differing areas of the parish have contacted the parish council regarding concerns relating to a recent Licence Application and the impact of noise and traffic when events are taking place. The parish council submitted representations to DMBC’s Licensing Department and amendments were made to the Licence application.

A special email address  has been created to enable any resident with any concerns to contact the Wildlife Park directly.

Police  Matters

South Yorkshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner attended the January 2016 parish council meeting and provided much information on current issues and future changes. Dedicated email addresses have now been established for the public to report any concerns to the police as follows:.  

For local issues:

For general matters:

Ideas for the Funding of Future Projects

The parish council has been notified that an amount of money is expected to be available from the new developments taking place within the parish .Often any monies are assigned to enhance open spaces but not exclusively and  residents are asked to contact the Clerk to the Council at or telephone 01302 772493 with any ideas for the expenditure which will be of benefit to the local community.  

The Parish Council would like to wish everyone a very happy Easter.